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Mobbing at Tesla with Joe Justice
Mob Mentality Show

Mobbing at Tesla with Joe Justice

Chris Lucian and Austin Chadwick discuss all things #agile and product development from a #MobProgramming perspective. How do teams collaborate at Tesla? What does it look like to optimize for the pace of innovation? Join Chris and Austin as they discuss "Mobbing at Tesla" with Joe Justice. Joe not only shares what mobbing on hardware looks like at Tesla but also shares why optimizing for the pace of innovation is key in this flavor of agility. Lastly, we discuss the top two questions Joe gets asked on ensemble programming. Podcast Episode… Apple: Google: Podbean: Spotify: Amazon: References… Joe's Website: Joe's Books: Joe's LinkedIn: Joe's Twitter: Joe's Email: Team Wikispeed: Mob Programming Roles, Patterns, and RPG: Mob Programming RPG: Mob Programming ROI: Willem Larsen: Getting the Best Out of Your Whole Team GIF: Thanks to G-SLiK ( for the intro and outro music. Chris Lucian is the Director of Software Development at Hunter Industries and a founder of mob programming. Austin Chadwick is a Mob Programmer at Hunter Industries and is a passionate agilist and craftsman with experience in several roles (e.g. coach, developer, tester, scrum master, business analyst). We would love your feedback and ideas for future episodes! Please add comments to the video or reach out to us on Twitter ( & All statements and opinions expressed by Chris, Joe, and Austin are solely their own and do not represent the views of any company. Austin and Chris are just sharing and not recommending (
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