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Most Relevant to Agile Transformation

Business Conference

Card Conversation Confirmation

Best patterns of well formed stories have converged on CCC. CARD: An initial draft is written by one or more people with the mindset that a straw-man will speed the conversation when it is reviewed by the cross functional team. CONVERSATION: can be just a minute or two... editing the words of the draft story only and often followed by a blind estimating check to see that all are aligned. Lastly when the story is CONFIRMED to meet its acceptance criteria, we Celebrate.

Business Meeting

Definition of Done

Often under pressure to finish early, we take small short cuts from our known good practices. Thousands of studies show that not doing things right the first time costs 10X, 100X, 1000X or more to detect and fix problems as we let them go down stream. A solid value among veterans of industry are to "build quality in"

Standing Meeting

Google's Aristotle Project

Hundreds of hypotheses proven wrong, read here to learn what patterns truly make a difference: "equal talk" and "active listening" in every collaboration.

Business Meeting

"Core Protocols" of High Performing Teams

Rich Kasperowski shares his life long learnings of the patterns that make a difference of high performing teams

Business Team

Selecting a Scrum


Identifying the people who will make up an agile team determines its foundation for success. Guidelines are provided to avoid typical pitfalls.

author: Bob Ellis

Modern Work Space

Scrum of Scrums or Agile COE?

As an Agile transformation grows there exists greater demand to remove the higher level, systemic impediments. These can be across teams and can even stem from portfolio management and governance practices. While a Scrum Master's role is to identify and remove impediments at all levels, often there are organizational impediments that can't be removed without engaged leadership.

author: Bob Ellis

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