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To help Agilists to not have to recreate the wheel.

Templates, Slides to help share a practice or concept. Please honor our IP and contributions to the community... it's OK to use and share - please assign copyright credit where credit is due.

Standing Meeting

"Story" Template. Why stories?  Easy to remember, communicate and understand 

Business Meeting

"Feature" Template. Quick to draft, collaborate, consider assumptions, and easily re-sequence


If you measure only one thing, measure Predictability

Conversation Between Colleagues

Quarterly Planning Workbook

Informative Interview

Quarterly Planning Prep: inputs, process, outcomes

Modern Work Space

Agile in Hardware
Definition of Done

Casual Business Meeting

Why Sequence your large projects?
"Cost of Delay"

Business Meeting

Agile Practices Journey Mapping - provides a vision across multiple dimensions, self assessment

Business Consultant

Scrum Team, Quarter in-Review

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