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Services Offered

After initial establishment of the Open Agile Resources Community, our next phase will be to expand into a network of consultant coaches who agree to contribute open source content and who have extensive experience in agile coaching and consulting. We offer half day blocks of time each week on a month by month basis as our general approach to doing business and construct specific statements of work around delivery of highest value outcomes for our clients.

Assessment Analysis  - Through a series of focused interviews, rigorous data collection and regular check-ins with our sponsors, we establish delivery capability metrics and potential problem areas.

Innovate Practical Solutions - Working with the people who work in the delivery pipeline, we develop recommendations based on our experience and our client's context to align on the most practical proven solutions.

Transform with 90 day focus - We have found our best success is to operate with a 90 day cadence… align on an implementation plan that clearly articulates realistic outcomes that we collectively work toward. We establish success metrics from the beginning and leverage training, workshops, coaching or in specific Agile Roles.

Casual Business Meeting
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