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Myths of Working product over comprehensive documentation

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Experiential learning has proven to be most effective: plan-do-check-act. Too many people use agile as an excuse for no documentation or that a "minimum valuable product" is months or quarters away. Through an open mindset, empirical reflection, and proactive improvement; teams eventually learn that yes - updated design documentation, customer support docs and other documentation is required. Eventually these documents are included as acceptance criteria in definition of the work and are done early following a mindset of build-in-quality. Any kind of working product or "increment" that provides learning or de-risking is valuable for any program with identifiable risks during early execution.

Consider children learning a new sport... do they learn by playing the game or through studying patterns the coach wants to try? or is it repetition of both? Empiricism indicates learn by doing with small experiments every time will enable the "learning organization."

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